Why only deals

Not everybody finds the standard smartphone deal, paid for in installments over a 24 month period with handset included, to be desirable and some service users may wish to keep their existing handset and purchase a more short term contract. Many mobile phone customers who feel that the things on offer from more traditional mobile deals are surplus to requirements, want a shorter term contract and would prefer to keep their existing handset are switching to SIM only deals.

Choose the right SIM card

Owners of smartphones interested in SIM only deals should ensure that the card they order is compatible with their existing devices and that the service provider associated with the SIM is the one they want to be with. Finding this information is not difficult and once service users have determined what SIM card their smartphone takes, be it of the Standard, Micro or Nano variety, they should check out what deal works best for them and which operator has the best offer then proceed along those lines.

Keep the current smartphone

Not everybody feels the need to constantly upgrade their mobile phone handset and may be happy with the one they have while others may not be willing or able to pay the monthly installments for state-of-the-art mobile technology as part of the overall deal. SIM only deals are great for people who want to keep their current smartphones and wish to save money by doing so, not feeling the need to always be chasing the newest models while the one they own does everything required of it and is neither broken nor in need of fixing.

Waiting for an upgrade

Lovers of technology, their eyes set upon the next smartphone model due for release in the near future, may be unwilling to settle with a run-of-the-mill handset provided as part of a new contract when they know their dream smartphone is just around the corner. No SIM deals enable brand loyal customers to retain their current smartphone as they wait for the new model’s arrival rather than being saddled with a long-term contract requiring them to spend money for a brand model they dislike.

Contract flexibility

Those smartphone users who do not make a lot of calls, send a lot of texts or use up many megabytes of data may be interested in the flexibility of SIM only deals which can meet requirements without exceeding them. These deals enable service users to tailorize deals to their personalised needs and preferences, with customers able to choose from a range of contract durations ranging from as little as a month with allowances of calls, texts and data centred around the individual’s typical usage.