Top ee sim only deals

EE offers a range of SIM only deals. These deals are designed for those who already have a device that they’re happy with, but need to get a SIM card in order to use the device.

EE offer SIM only deals for phones and tablets. These deals are available with 30 day, 12 month pay monthly or pay-as-you-go SIMs.

For phones, the price of a 30 day SIM ranges from £12.99 for 250MB data and 250 minutes to £31.99 for 10GB data and unlimited minutes. £15.99 gets you 500 MB and 500 minutes, £19.99 gets you 2GB and 2000 minutes, £23.99 4GB and unlimited minutes, £26.99 6GB and unlimited minutes. All these SIMs include unlimited texts. The 3 lowest priced of these SIMs include 4G network speed; the 3 highest priced of these SIMs include double speed 4G.

12 month pay monthly SIMs offer the same range of deals with the same minutes, data, texts etc but with respective prices as follows: £9.99, £12.99, £16.99, £17.99, £22.99, £28.99.

The pay-as-you-go SIMs are available as everything packs, talk and text packs and data packs. All are renewed after 30 days.

Everything packs offer a good amount of minutes, texts and data. Prices range from £10.00 for 500MB of data and 150 minutes, to £35.00 for 6GB data and 2000 minutes. £15.00 gets you 2GB data and 500 minutes. £25.00 gets you 4GB data and 1000 minutes. All of these packs come with unlimited texts.

Talk and text packs are for those who need plenty of texts and minutes but are not too concerned about data. These packs only offer 10MB data. There are two to choose from: the £10.00 pack offers 250 minutes; the £15.00 pack offers 750 minutes. Both packs offer unlimited texts.

Data packs are for those mainly concerned about data. There is only one data pack currently offered; this pack costs £10.00 for 30 days and includes 1GB data with 50 minutes and 50 texts.

Tablet SIMs are offered as pay-as-you-go or 30 day deals but not as 12 month pay monthly deals.

30 day packs offered are £10.00 for 1GB data, £15.00 for 3GB data, £20.00 for 15GB data and £30.00 for 25GB data. The £10 and £15 packs include 4G; the £20 and £30 packs include double speed 4G.

There are three pay-as-you-go packs available. A £120.00 pack with 24GB for 365 days, a £30.00 pack with 6GB for 90 days, and a £15.00 pack with 2GB for 30 days.