EE sim only

EE sim only packages

EE sim only packages are a great way to keep in touch with friends without worrying about getting tied down in expensive and restrictive mobile contracts. Whether you’re looking for a new sim for your phone or if you’re looking to get your tablet on line, EE have you covered with a full range of easy to use and comprehensive mobile data packages.

Great rFotolia_59486091_XSeasons to go sim only

With an EE sim only package you’ve got access to our blisteringly fast 4G EE mobile internet network as well as industry leading mobile phone coverage. On top of this EE don’t put any restrictions on how you use your data. Unlike other networks who segment off the way you use your data, EE lets you use it your way.

There’s no unwelcome surprises either, when you’re coming up on your included limits EE will contact you and let you know when you’re at 80% of your allowance so you can plan accordingly. Say goodbye to those nasty shocks at the end of the month when you realise you’ve been charged through the nose for inching over your planned usage.

You can even save money on your next handset. By choosing an EE sim only plan you could be in line to save £20 pounds off your next mobile phone. That means if you don’t want to be tied into another expensive phone contract then your sim Only deal from EE will save you money right now and in the future.

What you get

One size fits all sim – You don’t need to worry about what size sim your device takes as EE provide you with a one size fits all sim with the versatility to fit any mobile device from micro sim to full size.

Double Speed 4G EE – We’re doubling the speed of our 4G network so your internet enabled device will have access to blistering speeds of up to 60mbps a second. This means you’ll be streaming, downloading and face timing at break neck speeds.