The UK’s biggest, fastest, and most reliable 4G network

EE is the largest 4G mobile operator in Europe with 8 million 4G subscribers. Its 4G mobile network has been installed in 510 UK towns and cities, is available to over 80% of the UK’s population and it’s going to cover 98% by the end of 2015.

EE’s 4G Network

EE’s 4G network was tested by Rootmetrics from Land’s End to John o’Groats during the second half of 2014 in big cities, small towns and rural areas across the UK. RootMetrics collected 1,002,692 test samples which showed EE came in first place 91 times.

SIMS only deals – Always do your homework

When picking a new SIM card and service, it makes sense to reassess your current usage habits and everyday needs. Don’t overspend on services you’ll never use if you don’t have to, and save as much as 50% when you opt for the features you really need. ASDA Mobile in the UK gives phone users unlimited calls and texts, along with 2G of free data and an added bonus of 12 free gigs, for only £15 – around half the price of most pay monthly tariffs.

Take advantage of added bonuses and benefits

Save on subscriptions and service costs elsewhere by bagging freebies and promotions from SIM providers and operators. Slash the cost of our TV and sports subscriptions when you register for a SIM only contract with BT, with free and unlimited access to BT Sport you can play through your mobile device, or cast to the television for instant enjoyment of some of the most important games of the sporting season.

Make sure you decide on what’s most important to you when picking your new SIM contract. If you’re looking for a SIM for a newer smartphone model, make sure you’ve got a compatible Nano SIM, or a larger Micro SIM if you’re working with an older iPhone, Android or mobile handset. It only takes a few moments of casual research before ordering a new SIM to lock down potential savings in the hundreds, every year.